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Thank you for using If you are here it means one of your snipes was missed or wasn't received by eBay in time to be placed. We apologize for your loss and are doing all we can to ensure timely and accurate sniping. To this end we want to compensate you with free snipes. Additionally a log of your missed snipe will be automatically saved for review by our staff upon completion of this form.

There are many reasons why a snipe might not be placed, ranging from our site not sending it in time, to eBay not processing your snipe fast enough. Most of the time it is the latter. This is why we encourage a 5 second lead time. This ensures 99.9% accuracy in snipes placed, even in the event of eBay slowing down.

Please enter your username and the item # of the snipe missed and you'll be credited immediately!

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Note that you will receive 1 free snipe credit for each snipe with a lead time of 4 seconds or less.  And 2 free snipes for each snipe with a lead time of 5 seconds or more.  We encourage and recommend snipes of at least 5 seconds.